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The GreenYourFreight initiative employs an innovative method by maximizing the efficiency of vehicle utilization, decreasing the environmental impact of freight delivery, and leveraging existing transportation capabilities to achieve sustainable last-mile logistics.

The primary goal of the GreenYourFreight project is to transform last-mile delivery logistics by creating a cutting-edge platform that encourages environmentally friendly freight practices and solves transportation-related issues. The concept intends to optimize the benefits of mobility while greatly reducing the drawbacks of traditional transportation.

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  • Reduce Emissions: The project aims to decrease the additional carbon footprint created during the transportation of products by optimizing the use of vehicles currently in transit for the delivery of goods from shippers.
  • Boost Efficiency: GreenYourFreight aims to reduce traffic, noise, and emissions per tonne moved by increasing the load factor of trucks, with a focus on the underutilization common in road transportation.
  • Encourage Sustainable Practices: The project intends to create a last-mile green delivery platform that will greatly aid the EU's energy, climate, and air quality goals while also helping SMEs and people by offering competitive delivery services.

Key Features

  • LIFE GYF platform: The LIFE GYF Platform connects User Type 1 (carriers) with User Type 2 (shippers) by using vehicles already en route for package delivery. With this innovative method, the demand for extra freight vehicles is minimized and the carbon impact of last-mile delivery is decreased.
  • Ad-Hoc Delivery Model: The initiative enables near-zero carbon footprint deliveries by using vehicles already en route or with prescheduled trips. This provides a faster and more affordable option for freight delivery.
  • Financial Incentives: A competitive reward scheme will incentivize carriers and shippers to hop-on-board the GYF platform and capitalize on increased service value while protecting the local environment. 


With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE22-ENV-EL-LIFE GYF / 101114007 and the co-financing of Green Fund, Greece
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