Militos has, as project Coordinator, Partner or Subcontractor, a strong track record of transnational projects and actions funded by the European Commission, for which, besides the educational and vocational content development (incl. e-learning platforms) and project management, it also undertakes all awareness, dissemination and communication activities.
Employability and entrepreneurial development of women in water-based blue economy sectors.
IG-Fashion: Towards an intelligent and green approach in VET fashion design
Skill development in the encouragement of mindset towards environmental awareness and sustainable development in the alliance of ECoC
Innovative Teaching Methodologies in Hospitality Schools for Inclusive Education
De-gendering STEM through STE(A)M and creative thinking in secondary education
Young Financial Influencers - Positive influence on the financial literacy and entrepreneurial potential of young people
Mobile learning system for reinforcing skills retention
Digitaly Signed Credentials and Open Badges in VET and HE
Inform and attract young people to pursue a sustainable career in Blue Economy
Strengthening European Youngsters Resilience through Serious Games
Supporting the transition of veteran and retired athletes to new careers in employment and entrepreneurship
Preparing University Students for the Digital Future!
Activating soft skills in short-term work-based mobilities for young people
Creating a data protection culture among SMEs
GDPR training for business consultants
Supporting SMEs in the digital transformation era
Rebooting, Re-rooting
and Re-skilling Unemployed and Underemployed Higher Education Graduates
Ethics, values, critical thought for preschool teachers
Developing soft skills for professional skippers
Cooperation for green manufacturing and innovation
Job interview skills for young people
Generating innovation between practice & research
Innovative management systems for urban WW
Entrepreneurial skills for artists and cultural actors
Cultivate design thinking in social enterprises
Innovative solutions for family business transfers
Social enterprise skills for business advisors
Continue the education of teachers & directors
European network of socially responsible universities
New and creative businesses in traditional crafts
Skills for private tourism accommodation services
Key skills and employability assessment service
Developing a virtual open incubation ecosystem
Multi-stakeholder concept for the city of the future
Entrepreneurial skills in the corporate ICT environment
Better quality of life for elderly in urban areas
Development of VET integrated language learning
Support and inspire new entrepreneurs across Europe
Vet schools operating as entrepreneurial hubs
Individual career development in higher education
Promote career paths in agriculture for young people
Training VET professionals in trainee employability
Training & skills for pest control professionals
Improving & developing employability of PhDs in SMEs
Entrepreneurship program for young people & women
Novel marketing for European agricultural enterprises
Enrich and expand your business through networking
Digital skills for journalists working in media
ICT skills training for professional TAXI drivers
Diminish gender stereotyping in the construction sector
Skilled labor in the tourism and hospitality sector
Promoting innovative models for social economy
Plant entrepreneurship & see the sales grow
Facilitating digital competence through volunteers
The challenges of juggling motherhood and business
Network of staff and teachers in childcare services
Motivate women entrepreneurship in ICT
Mentoring skills to boost entrepreneurial growth
Encourage mobility to SMEs and female graduates
Developing young (ex) offenders’ entrepreneurial skills
Intelligent tutoring system for lifelong learning
Support green jobs through organic plant protection
CAPTURE the moment and make agriculture a way of life
European Network of Mentors for women entrepreneurs
Green training for SMEs business practices
An integrated approach for enhancing women mobility
Encouraging young women to pursue entrepreneurship
Dissemination of knowledge in the field of employment
Innovative practices to make farmers more competitive
Encourage gender mainstreaming in the ICT sector
Facilitate social dialogue in the agro-industry
Encouraging journalists to develop ICT skills
Enhancing & promoting social dialogue in agriculture
Build on the asset of experience to raise employability
Adaptation of food sector SMEs to new technologies
Promoting cultural diversity & multilingualism
Promoting career paths in the Blue Economy for young people