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Q: Mr. Capralos, what is the  the mind and sharpens        some hassle for players,
status of Bridge as a sport   our social and cognitive     but compliance with
and more specifically as      skills. If it gains greater  WADA and other IOC
an Olympic sport?             visibility and acclaim,      rules is a small price we
Bridge is considered a        the benefits will be         all have to pay if we
'Mind Sport', as it places    manifold, not only for       want Bridge to become
greater emphasis on           the athletes but for         an Olympic Sport.
mental rather than            society as well.             Q: What would be your
physical skill, challenging   Q: Why is there drug         advice to the World
Bridge players to             testing in Bridge?           Bridge Federation and its
exercise their intellect      As I said before, the        members vis-Γ -vis the
and strategic thinking.       World Bridge                 promotion of Bridge?
Since 1995, with the          Federation is a              Invest in youth! Bridge is
acknowledgement of            recognized sports            aging, most of its players
the World Bridge              organization by              are over 50 years old.
Federation (WBF) by the       the International            We need to attract
International Olympic         Olympic Committee,           young people that wish
Committee as a                and as such, it has to       to find a way to enjoy
“Recognized Sports            abide by the procedures      their leisure time and
Organization”, there          that the World Anti-         cultivate their deductive
have been many                Doping Agency (WADA)         reasoning, strategic
attempts to elevate the       enforces. Even though        thinking and social skills
status of Bridge to an        Bridge results do not        at the same time. Provide
Olympic sport, with the       depend on physical           networking events (Junior
latest being its official     prowess, they do rely on     Bridge Camps) and try to
petition to be included       players' stamina and         enter the schools
in the Tokyo Olympic          brain clarity and these      together with chess.
Games 2020. Bridge            factors can be affected      Communicating the sport
did not make the              by the use of                with big sponsored and
shortlist, but the efforts    substances. The              televised events would be
should not cease.             problem with Bridge is       a good idea too, but we
Challenging our               that some competitors        would need to also
conceptions, pushing the      (due to age or other         simplify the bidding,
limits and perseverance       health reasons) may          asking the competitors to
are forces that embody        require medication that      use natural systems and
the Olympic Spirit.           falls into the category of   avoid many conventions
Q: What are the benefits      aforementioned               in order for the majority
of Bridge entering IOC        prohibited substances.       to keep up with the pace.
status?                       In these cases, Bridge       Mr. Capralos, we thank you
In three words: Prestige,     players are requested        for your time and your
visibility and funding.       to provide a full medical    insights, and wish you best
The Bridge players            history along with test      of luck in becoming the
would enjoy better            results as well as a         next International Olympic
tournament conditions         doctor's certificate that    Committee member
and the winners would         there is a valid reason      for Greece.
have many benefits            for the use of such
including better              medication. It is true
financial gains. But not      that the regulations and
only that. Bridge is a        procedures that WBF
sport that challenges         has to follow may cause
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