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Filippos Karamanlis        Dear reader, welcome to our very 1st issue of Finesse. The Bridge
       Executive Director  Exclusive Electronic Magazine.
       Finesse Magazine    A rich-content, full quality oriented and fresh bi-annual e-magazine,
                           dedicated and addressed to bridge lovers. Like myself.    So, whether you are a professional player or a beginner, Finesse
                           will prove a challenging guide and exciting companion on your
                           journey to the world of bridge.
                           Our goal is to promote, enhance and advance bridge and, at the
                           same time, to empower and facilitate players, worldwide, to
                           become more competitive, to share experiences and best practices,
                           to discover new and exciting ways to enjoy the sport and, very
                           importantly, to promote fair play and avoid “bad bridge moments”.
                           Recalling the "Cheating Scandal”
                           At the end of 2015, the Norwegian player, Boye Brogeland,
                           brought forward documentation on another cheating scandal in
                           professional bridge that shocked the bridge world and launched
                           “heated” debate, especially in the popular American bridge forum
                           bridgewinners. WBF, EBL and other national Bridge Federations
                           began procedures within their disciplinary bodies in order to
                           investigate a series of accusations against world famous players
                           concerning ethics and illicit communication between pair partners.
                           So far there have been several convictions which, however, are
                           open to appeal. This story got massive media attention and
                           Brogeland was recognized with the “Bridge Personality of the Year
                           2015 Award” by the International Bridge Press Association.
                           Looking into the bright side of bridge, this mind sport of honor, we
                           take the opportunity to congratulate the French team for winning
                           the Open Series (latest European Championship was won by
                           France back in 1983) at the 53rd European Team Championship
                           (Budapest, 16-25 June 2016). France, together with six more teams
                           i.e. 2nd Sweden, 3rd Netherlands, 4th Monaco, 5th Germany, 6th Italy,
                           7th Bulgaria, got the winning tickets to the Bermuda Bowl. England
                           and Israel won the Women and Seniors' Series, respectively.
                           Now, the spotlight turns over the upcoming 11th “Greek Islands”
                           Bridge Festival. This high end international tournament takes place
                           in Rhodes, between 20-27 August, with the number of participants,
                           already, reaching 300+ from 30 countries.
                           Last, on a personal note, as I have been playing bridge all my life,
                           allow me to share my enthusiasm for the launch of this
                           e-magazine. It is more than a publication. It is a part of my soul.
                           And for this, I wish to thank each one and all that have
                           contributed into making this a “grand slam”.
                           This e-magazine will serve as an open forum, an expression
                           platform, a game for all. Feel free to send your comments,
                           contributions and articles, if you wish.
                           We are in this together.

                           ISSUE #1 | AUG - FEB  .
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